HCC elections: Ray Bellinger, Labour candidate for Bishopstoke and Fair Oak, writes…

ADD UPDATE, 10 April 2017: Ahead of the Hampshire County Council (HCC) elections on 4 May, ADD has invited each candidate for each ward that will be impacted by options B and C of Eastleigh Borough Council’s Local Plan (namely its plans for 6,000+ houses and a major new road north of Bishopstoke and Fair Oak) to submit an article of no more than 100 words that describes their position with regards to this proposed major development area.

On 9 April, Ray Bellinger, Labour candidate for Bishopstoke and Fair Oak, sent us the following email:

“The Labour Party remains opposed to the proposed major development of 6000 houses around Bishopstoke and Fair Oak (Options B and C) for the following reasons.

  • Environmental and infrastructure impact.
  • Traffic congestion, pollution and parking. (New planned road will make little difference).
  • Impact on countryside environments.
  • Burden on local health and education services, including negative impact on our health from extra pollution.
  • Extra strain and costs put on road maintenance.
  • Over burdening of household waste centres.

“Labour believes that any housing plan should be based on a sensible and sustainable long term impact plan.”

Ray Bellinger
Labour candidate for Bishopstoke and Fair Oak