General election, Jill Payne, Labour candidate for Eastleigh, writes…

ADD UPDATE, 23 May 2017: Ahead of the general election on 8 June, ADD has invited each candidate for each constituency that will be impacted by options B and C of Eastleigh Borough Council (EBC)’s Local Plan (namely its plans for 6,000+ houses and a major new road north of Allbrook, Bishopstoke and Fair Oak) to supply us with up to 350 words on their views on options B and C and their intended actions relating to them.

On 22 May, Jill Payne, Labour candidate for Eastleigh, sent us the following email:

“Whilst acknowledging the considerable demand for housing locally I would oppose options B and C as I have huge reservations they would: provide the right sort of housing needed; be sustainable under current supporting infra-structure; adequately protect the identity of neighbouring communities; protect habitats, species and historic landscapes.  These options are developer led and will not relieve the greatest need for housing locally for “affordable” homes defined as a proportion of income rather than market value.  With the proposed North Bishopstoke Bypass and the inclusion of 29,000 square metres of office space further developments are likely, destroying existing local communities and precious remaining areas of natural woodland and open countryside.

“Housebuilding must be a priority for all our communities but under Labour, local need and environmental factors must be considered ahead of private profit for large developers.  We need greater consultation and a plan that takes proper account of local infrastructure and sustainability.  I would promote the development of brownfield sites for housing wherever possible and around existing community identities – the extension to settlements option.  As a matter of urgency I would support more numerous but smaller council led developments using local builders where possible and for quality social and more innovative co-operatively owned housing in and around our borough.”

Jill Payne, Labour candidate for Eastleigh