Parish Council by-election for Bishopstoke (East), 29 June – John Edwards, Independent, writes…

ADD UPDATE, 26 June 2017: Ahead of the by-election on 29 June for a Parish Councillor in Bishopstoke (East), ADD has invited each of the candidates to supply us with no more than 350 words on how they feel about options B and C of Eastleigh Borough Council’s emerging Local Plan (namely its plans for a Monster sprawl of 6,000+ houses and a major new road north of Allbrook, Bishopstoke and Fair Oak) and any relevant action they intend to take, if elected.

On 26 June, John Edwards, Independent candidate, sent us the following email:

“I’m standing as a concerned Independent candidate / resident because I believe that most of the parish councillors have betrayed your trust. The worst examples are the Lib Dem councillors who refuse to oppose the Lib Dem borough council and their shocking planning policies that are set to change the essence of Bishopstoke forever.

“I am against further mass development in Bishopstoke and district. I am the only candidate to voice this opinion.

“Options B and C, along with others, should be put on hold until problems with infrastructure and a borough plan have been agreed and put in place. Eastleigh council have divided residents into choosing their preferred options. ADD, to their credit, have done some work on this but it’s not going to be enough.

“We’ve had enough hot air. It’s time for tough political action. I’m prepared to do this for you, if you elect me.

“I want your council to demand a moratorium (halt) on housing development now. A full survey and census of traffic movements need to be called for and solutions sought now. Bishopstoke cannot take any more traffic, or thousands of new houses, whether they are in the North or South of Bishopstoke.

“I am also concerned at the poor upkeep of Bishopstoke, particularly at our local shopping centres both in Whalesmead and Sandy Lane. Don’t we, the residents, deserve better?

“Some of our roads and footpaths are seriously neglected. Cheap road dressings that don’t last, vegetation in the gutters left for long periods of time, poorly maintained footpaths. Grass cuttings are left strewn across footpaths and drives. All this at a time when our parish is being impacted by the Lib Dems’ planning policies and their broken pledges and promises to stand up for Bishopstoke.

“I want your parish council to brighten up our neighbourhoods where they have been neglected and forgotten. Isn’t it time for a change?

“As your Independent councillor, I will be forthright and will fight on your behalf.”

John Edwards, Independent