Hampshire County Council tells Eastleigh council it lacks transport evidence for preferred Local Plan

ADD UPDATE, 10 DECEMBER 2017: Hampshire County Council has become the latest authority to tell Eastleigh Borough Council that it lacks sufficient evidence to make a decision on its preferred Local Plan, namely the development of 5,200 new houses and a new link road north of Bishopstoke and Fair Oak (to view an annotated EBC map here). Eastleigh Borough Council is due to vote on its Plan at a key meeting tomorrow evening. 

Writing earlier this month in the County Council’s position as Highway Authority for Eastleigh’s Local Plan, Stuart Jarvis Director of Economy, Transport and Environment, makes clear that he does “not believe that we are yet in a position in terms of the technical work and evidence base, to reach any final conclusions on the transport impacts and therefore final spatial distribution of development, from a transport perspective.”

He concludes: “In the context of the transport technical work and evidence seen to date it is our view that there is insufficient evidence to conclude a proper transport assessment, and therefore to finalise spatial development option decisions in transport terms, at this stage.”

To view the full letter, click here.

If you – like thousands of others – want an evidence-based Local Plan for Eastleigh, PLEASE, PLEASE TURN UP TO THE COUNCIL MEETING AT 7PM ON MONDAY 11 DECEMBER AT THE HILTON AT THE AGEAS BOWL (SO30 3XH).

Next year an independent planning inspector will scrutinise Eastleigh’s Local Plan submission. Whilst it will already be clear to the inspector (whoever he or she may be) that the council’s decision-making is totally unsound, we must emphasise this point again on 11 December by showing up in large numbers.