Eastleigh publishes Local Plan – CRUCIAL final consultation launched. Reality bites. Action required!

ADD UPDATE, 23 June 2018: Eastleigh Borough Council has just confirmed with us that all documents relating to its Local plan, including the supporting evidence, have now been published on its website. Click here for its ‘new and updated evidence base’. This fires the starting pistol for a six week ‘Reg 19’ consultation period, which will run until midnight on Monday 6 August.

We urge everyone opposed to Eastleigh’s shocking Plan, individuals and organisations alike, to submit their representations against it. Please note – and this is IMPORTANT – that any representations MUST relate to the ‘soundness’ of the plan.

The ADD team, together with all our professional advisers, are already ploughing through the documents to assess the council’s evidence. We will post guidance on how to make valid representations on Friday 6 July. All representations will then be taken into account by the Planning Inspector when the Plan goes to him or her later in the year. If you would like guidance on what you might say, please look again on 6 July. Alternatively, if you already feel comfortable writing about how Eastleigh’s Plan is clearly unsound, you will be able to ‘consult’ via this link from midday on Monday, 25 June.

This is the stage of the process we have all been waiting for – and have always fully expected! It’s now critical we all play our part in ensuring the Planning Inspector has ALL the evidence in front of him or her when the time comes. On 6 July, we will post again on how best you can make the Planning Inspector aware of the Plan’s numerous failings.

Thank you.