ADD UPDATE, 12 July 2017: View BBC clip on Southern Water’s forced cut in River Test abstraction (includes ADD interview)

ADD UPDATE, 12 July 2017: Ahead of Eastleigh Borough Council’s critical meeting on 20 July to decide on its Local Plan options (at which we hope to see as many of you as possible), we have obtained the clip above of BBC South’s news coverage on 7 July of the Environment Agency’s plan to reduce abstraction from the River Test and Southern Water’s recognition that the region is “water-stressed”. This clearly has important implications for Eastleigh’s plan for thousands of new houses in the borough, as John Lauwerys of ADD states.

IF YOU DON’T WANT 6,000+ NEW HOUSES IN BISHOPSTOKE AND FAIR OAK, COME TO THE COUNCIL MEETING ON 20 JULY: 7pm at Kings Community Church, Upper Northam Road, Hedge End, SO30 4BZ. 


13 year-old girl makes video about Eastleigh council’s plans for monster housing sprawl

ADD UPDATE, 11 July 2017: Ahead of Eastleigh Borough Council’s critical meeting on 20 July to decide on its Local Plan options, local children have started adding their voice to the campaign against the council’s preferred option of a monster housing sprawl north of Bishopstoke and Fair Oak. Above is a video by 13 year-old local girl which brilliantly reinforces the idiom that a picture is worth a thousand words! As our children will be the ones most affected by the council’s Local Plan, which is set to run to 2036, the council would be wise to take into account their attitudes before making its final decision. Let’s hope Cllr Keith House, the leader of the council, is doing so. Please share this video as widely as you can. It has also been posted on a new Instagram account, Fields of our Dreams, set up by children to raise awareness of the council’s terrible proposals.  


ADD UPDATE, 11 June 2017: Top councillor says need to protect woodland could scotch Eastleigh plans for monster housing sprawl (listen to minutes 1.17 to 2.05)

ADD UPDATE, 11 June 2017: Is Liberal Democrat-controlled Eastleigh Borough Council (EBC) rethinking its plans for a monster and hugely destructive housing sprawl on the outskirts of Bishopstoke and Fair Oak in response to comments received during its consultation process?

Mike Thornton, the Lib Dem Hampshire County Councillor for Bishopstoke and Fair Oak and close ally of the EBC leadership, hinted as much during the general election campaign when he stood unsuccessfully to be re-elected to parliament.