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“Just a quick note to thank you for all your hard work on behalf of Bishopstoke and Fair Oak residents and the surrounding communities. It would be easy to accept the ‘fait accompli’ and you are not. It takes so much time and energy to oppose something in an evidence based way and to not get emotive in the response.”

Hilary and Nigel Dickson

“I feel sick with the extent of the destruction.”

Terri Trayler

“Please add my name to those commenting adversely to EBC’s options B and C. I object to the scheme. It will bring intolerable pressure on rural communities along the B2177 and abut directly on the edge of the SDNP boundary.”

David Webb Carter

“I do hope that there will good support for ADD and that you will be able to get some sense into the heads of these councillors and that they understand the depth of feeling in the locality about this lunatic development.

“Good luck.”

Colin Vibert

“I think it unbelievable that in the new plan for Eastleigh you [EBC] are considering option B and C to further develop this areas of Bishopstoke.

“I can see no justification for this to be considered let alone be the potential preferred option. The potential impact on local residents and the environment is massive and wholly detrimental […] when other more favourable options in terms of impact on people’s lives are available.

“Please be assured that this Bishopstoke resident of more than 25 years is against option B and C and am hoping that the Councillors we elected and we trust to represent us will in fact represent local residents’ views when the time comes.”

Fernley Calver

“I’m strongly opposed to EBC’s proposal of options B and C as it’s clearly the least sustainable of the options on the table. I believe it is only being favoured for party political reasons as it will have least impact on Lib Dem voters. I use Junction 12 on the M3 everyday and its already extremely congested with long queues in all directions and that’s without all the additional vehicles that this development and its relief road will add.”

Daniel Newcombe

“We would like to add our concern about prospective development as outlined in EBC’s paper citing areas B and C as development options. We are particularly concerned about the lack of consideration given to access roads for the proposed housing estates. There are many other environmental issues which concern us, but the one that will impinge on us most is road access.

“We have lived in Twyford since 1981 and have watched the increase in the volume of traffic on the B3335 with increasing concern: the road is very busy in the mornings when there can be tailbacks from Twyford to Fishers Pond even when there are no roadworks to stifle the flow. When there are roadworks, the hold-ups increase both in volume of traffic and in the time taken for traffic flow to normalise.”

David and Judith Lea

“We are strongly against options B and C for Eastleigh expansion.”


“I hope that as many of the Fair Oak and Bishopstoke residents as possible donate to this worthy cause, especially those who enjoy the beauty and tranquility of our fabulous ancient woodlands.”

Sarah Charters

“Having lived in Owslebury for 14 years, we have witnessed the traffic travelling through the village increase significantly over the years.  The traffic is more or less constant and high speed.  No one seems to observe the 30mph limit and we live in fear of someone hitting either our children or our dogs.  The majority of the traffic is not local and is mainly made up of commuters, roaring through the village at peak times, with no consideration for local residents.

“Please add me to your list of supporters.”

Chloe Petter

“I am registering my support to prevent the destructive plans to build over the green fields around Fair Oak, Bishopstoke and Upham.”


“Although [options B and C] are not part of the South Downs National Park they do form an area that has a distinctive character of its own containing rural dwellings and communities and valuable countryside, which should be respected.  It seems remarkable that similar planning constraints are not applied to these areas too. The countryside is probably no less important from an ecological and environmental point of view and it is certainly visually attractive and important to the character of the area.  How can rural sites in such close proximity to the National Park not be treated with the similar levels of care? Surely the characteristics of the landscape and the people living in and around it are no less important.

“In conclusion I reject proposals which result in uncontrolled and sprawling development as a short-term response to the need to ‘make up the housing numbers’. Eastleigh Borough Council should focus on good quality and sustainable design solutions for the long term, which help to build better urban environments as well as protecting the character of the countryside. I am a great advocate of good design and planning, and these proposals are neither.”

Richard Green, DipBRS, RIBA

“I am appalled that Upper Barn Copse will be isolated from Stoke Park Woods [if options B and C went ahead]. Are we to assume this council haven’t already made up their minds and will do what they want to do? After all it’s not about the environment, or the residents, it’s just all about money.”

Geraldine Ellmore

“We fully support your opposition to the B and C development and believe it has not bee thought through properly. EBC is trying to push through this plan to cover up their failings to provide a suitable plan within the original time guides.”

Mike Redman

“Just learnt of Eastleigh’s proposal to build 6,000 new houses north of Bishopstoke and Fair Oak. Whilst normally a fairly laid back person, this proposal staggers me.  It appears to be ill thought out and will destroy the separate identities of villages such as Twyford, Colden Common, Bishopstoke etc. having the effect of merging them into one large conurbation.  It will destroy the extremely valuable green spaces that currently provide an essential ‘green lung’ to the existing villages as well as potentially killing wildlife along the fantastic River Itchen.”

Steve Pullen

“Thank you for putting on the [17 October] meeting. It was very enlightening. I was born in Bishopstoke and have lived here for most of my life and am very sad to see such destructive changes. Thank you for all your hard work.”

Jenny Monckton

“Options B and C are laughable!  We are not prepared to live in a concrete jungle.  So stop this madness now!”

Martin Nicholson

“Well done, ADD team – your work is fantastic!”

Anna Hellier

“Just attended your public meeting in Colden Common Village Hall [on 14 November 2016]. Very informative and well presented.  Thank you.”

Pete Lillywhite

“Just to say I am fully supportive of what you are doing to help local councillors support the Allington Lane rather than Mortimers Lane / Fair Oak developments. It strikes me that you are taking a pragmatic and sensible approach, recognising that there is an intrinsic need for housing, so not protesting against housing development per se, rather you are looking at where it is most appropriate, rather than questioning if or why. Also you are doing this in a constructive, non-hysterical way which I think is going to be more constructive in the long run.

As a family we are based in Stoke Heights and really concerned about the impact on Stoke Park woods which is a fantastic natural resource. The woods are already being squeezed by the Crowdhill developments and any more housing in the gap between Colden Common, Fishers Pond and Fair Oak will surely only impinge on / slowly erode the benefits that Stoke Park woods – and other woods/copses and fields in-between – have for our children and the generations to come! Whilst Allington Lane is not ideal, it is a better bet than the Fishers Pond gap.”

Marc Harder

“[If EBC decides to favour options B and C], are we sure we could get under the railway at Allbrook?”

Councillor Anne Winstanley, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Bishopstoke West, and Deputy Leader of Eastleigh Borough Council

“I wish you well and hope you can turn Eastleigh Borough Council away from this madness.”

Dai Middleton

“I have only just learned about the planning proposal from EBC across Eastleigh and Winchester’s Boroughs. I too am utterly disgusted by how EBC are planning to ruin our beautiful countryside and evict our amazing wildlife.”

Lorraine Lendon

“We are joining in the fight to stop this destructive new development north of Bishopstoke and Fair Oak going ahead.”

Moira Swift

“I am totally against these massive developments for Bishopstoke and Eastleigh. The area is unable to cope now with traffic, school places, doctors and the like. If these developments are allowed to go ahead, the quality of life for residents will be further eroded. The ludicrous road which is proposed serves no purpose at all, and will destroy even more countryside habitat.

Many existing residents have chosen to live in Bishopstoke and Eastleigh for the unique blend of proximity to services with the benefit of some lovely open countryside nearby, what will the area become when land is built on? I think it is in danger of becoming an urban sprawl with nothing separating it from Southampton, Winchester and Portsmouth.

Did you know that Bishopstoke was once described as one of the most picturesque in Hampshire? When I moved here 35 years ago it was still an attractive place. During that time there has been a huge increase in traffic, and bit by bit some of the character has gone. We need to preserve everything we have before it’s too late.”

Julie Dominey

“I am unable to attend the meeting on Thursday [15 Dec], so wish to make known my extreme opposition to the ill-thought-out proposal for Option B and particularly C.

“I live in Twyford so am concerned about the ridiculous lack of foresight as to what will happen to the massive increased volumes of traffic generated by the proposed housing.  I am also concerned about EBC’s apparent willingness to ignore their own directives regarding conservation and protection of habitats.”

David Owen

“I assume there will be an underpass between Crowdhill Copse and Upper Barn Copse if this idiotic proposal [for options B and C] goes through. I don’t really want to think of the alternatives, it’s too painful.”

Lyndon Watkins

“I am vehemently opposed to options B & C.”

Tim Ponsford

“I happen to be a train driver and I go up and down past [the] Allbrook [bridge] and I’ve yet to work out, as I go past, how on earth [if EBC decides to favour options B and C] you’re going to bore a tunnel underneath!”

Councillor Paul Bicknell, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Eastleigh South

“I have a significant number of concerns regarding the [B and C] proposals not least being the significant increase in traffic onto the local road network.  We are an equestrian business on Portsmouth Road and the traffic already makes it challenging for riders to hack out – and potentially dangerous.  This proposal would only worsen that and see us moving into a more urbanised area.  I chose to live in the country not an urban sprawl.”

Colin at Bow Lake Equestrian

“Even now some folks are unaware of the disaster about to befall our beautiful countryside. We must smash this lie that the countryside north of Fair Oak and Bishopstoke is protected. IT IS NOT. It is ENDANGERED by options B and C in Eastleigh Borough Council’s local plan.”

Rob Byrne

“We attended the ADD meeting on 17 October and would be happy to help with leaflet delivering.”

Ann Cole

“I am Hampshire born and bred and a very long-term resident of Hedge End and Fair Oak. It is now that I feel I have to protest against the daft plans being proposed.

“The local doctors surgery, Stokewood, is already over subscribed with more citizens on the books than the 3 surgeries in Eastleigh have to cover.

“The drain water system in Fair Oak was botched a few years ago to prevent the Summerlands Road area flooding, it has not been improved since and will have a greater rate of surface water to remove with the building in Mortimers Lane area.

“Some homes in Sandy Lane are fed by by overline power cables and thus restricted the current to the houses – we need to improve our existing services before adding more houses; water mains are also failing north of the garden centre at Crowd Hill.

“They can put any road in they like but it will not aid the movement of traffic – you can not simply widen the likes of Crowd Hill and Twyford! And it is only a matter of time articulated lorries meet on the bend there, and the footpath at Crowd Hill is a danger in itself.”

Ashley Cutler

“Congratulations for organising the meeting at Colden Common tonight [14 November 2016] and getting such a good turnout.  I sent my comments and objections to to the proposals B and C and the associated new road from Upham to Allbrook on EBC consultation forms in Feb 2016, but I will now also will write to my local Eastleigh Borough Councillor, Eastleigh Borough Council, HCC Highways Authority again expressing my objections to the proposals before the planned EBC December meeting.  Eastleigh Borough Council’s approach to borrowing money to fund its pet projects is also very concerning.  The more pressure that can be applied to EBC the better as they do not seem to take much notice of public opinion.”

C. S. Pointer

“Although Eastleigh Borough Council [EBC] say that no ancient woodland would be destroyed [if optons B and C went ahead], with 6,000 houses adjacent to the woods the pressure on them will be enormous.  Upper Barn Copse, one of the most beautiful bluebell woods in Hampshire will be ruined.”

Jennifer Gosling

“I have lived in Bishopstoke all my life. If this scheme [options B and C] becomes a reality, it will be a tragedy. The very reason people like Bishopstoke and want to live here is because of its semi rural location…woodland, fields, river and all the wildlife and natural habitat that entails. If this plan gets the go ahead, everyone – bar the developers and the council – will lose out.”

Keith Clark

“I cannot believe this beautiful area [options B and C] that my friends and I grew up in is to be built on. We rode our ponies around the farms, walked our dogs for miles. My children, too, have enjoyed many walks through the quiet woods, swinging on the same rope swings as we did. So very sad that the fields will just be only memories and pictures soon.”

Samantha Sullivan

“Sir, I must object to the proposal to build 6,000 plus new houses in and around the Fair Oak area. Our countryside must be protected. These massive building projects cannot be allowed to destroy our green spaces.”

J A Benham

“The major new road proposed that would run across Fair Oak, Crowd Hill and Brambridge is laughable in its implausibility as it runs right through an area that is known for severe flooding […] and then runs under the narrow railway bridge at Allbrook […].  It also cuts through a beautiful area enjoyed by many local residents and would potentially do significant damage to the ancient bluebell wood and endanger the deer that pass across the area.  It also wouldn’t have any effect on reducing the northbound Winchester traffic, which would intensify immeasurably.  Speaking as someone who currently spends each morning and afternoon queuing in first gear through Colden Common and Twyford to get to Winchester, the idea of doubling the population at the start point is horrifying.

“Please throw your support behind [ADD] and help us to protect our communities and countryside from becoming a victim to this absolute train-wreck of a local plan.”

Eira Morgan-Jones

“Keep up the good work and the best of luck. I agree completely with the sentiments raised on your pamphlets and website.”

Simon Parker

“Thank you for promoting action against this ill-considered, threatening and potentially devastating development plan.

“Unique and beautiful areas of wildlife and woodland with vital habitats are irreplaceable. They also provide essential environments for people to explore, learn, exercise and connect with the natural world which is fundamental to health and well-being.”

Toby Saville

“I wrote to the Council putting forward my arguments for each area under consideration last year. One of my particular points was the importance of not building on good productive farm land such as that to the north and east of Fair Oak.”

Stephanie Woodward

“I’m sure you have been made aware about a new bat ecology report which states a high number of the threatened Barbastelle bats have been sighted next to Lincolns Copse. We can only assume these bats roost in Lincolns Copse although this has not been investigated.  I see option B appears to back onto Lincolns Copse and I feel the proposed development would only harm this rare species with light and noise etc.”


“I just thought I would lend my thoughts on this proposed new build [options B and C of Eastleigh’s emerging Local Plan]. I am a local person who uses the woods and local countryside to walk the dog etc. I also like to photograph some of the delightful wildlife around the area. A few weeks ago I stood as Labour’s candidate for the HCC elections. I was not successful but one of the main issues I campaigned on was the horror of many that I’ve talked to and my own view that the proposed plans for this housing [6,000+ houses north of Bishopstoke and Fair Oak] are abhorrent, ill-conceived and a major threat to the area, wildlife, local people and the environment.

“We all know that we need more housing in this country, however there are areas where the impact on local people and the environment would be considerably lower and within the borough there are far better options for new housing. These plans need to be scrapped and new housing – affordable housing and sustainable housing – needs to be properly planned in the borough. There are many ways of building housing projects that are environmentally more effective and put less strain on the infrastructure and community resources, such as health and education. It just requires a little more imagination and thinking through by our decision-makers. After all are they not elected to represent the local community?”

Ray Bellinger, Labour candidate for Bishopstoke and Fair Oak in 2017 Hampshire County Council elections

“It seems to me that whatever plan [option] is adopted Network Rail will have an awful of thinking to do and be involved in an awful lot of expense with money they do not have involving extensive works with either Allington Lane bridge or Allbrook bridge with the former being the very much cheaper option from Network Rail’s point of view.”

Colin Vibert

“I agree with you that Options D and E are overwhelmingly the best options. I have been to Fair Oak and looked at the beautiful rolling hills and been very upset to see that it might all disappear under concrete.”

Councillor Elizabeth Lear (Eastleigh Borough Council)

“I cannot believe, and have expressed this to my councillors, that EBC is contemplating putting a relief road across the valley to end up next to the lowest bridge into Eastleigh.”

Keith Wiggans

“We would ask if you could thank everyone involved on our behalf, for the tremendous effort, time and hard work they have put into fighting the cause.”

Kim and Vanessa Fitzpatrick

“The whole situation [regarding options B and C] is very worrying for those who live in the southern parishes of Winchester District – indeed, for anyone concerned about preserving the quality of life [in the area]. Predatory, destructive development for pure profit in already crowded parts of our precious, beautiful county has to be halted at all costs.”

Rose Burns
Winchester City Councillor for St Bartholomew Ward

“We are concerned regarding the extensive building projects which are being carried out and planned in our area. We bought our house in Boyatt Wood because it was in a lovely area, surrounded by beautiful woods. Since then we have seen buildings go up in Boyatt Lane, Wide Lane, Woodside Avenue, Fair Oak and areas near our places of work: Botley, Funtley and soon to be Fareham. The whole area is completely changing and not for the better.

“It is heartbreaking to see all of this happening. And now I understand that there are plans to build around Highbridge Road!

“Not only is congestion going to get worse but most importantly, our countryside is going to be devastated. It will be irreversibly damaged. The whole feel of the area will be changed for the worse. Why is Eastleigh being bombarded to such an extent? Why is our borough under attack? Please think again before you destroy our beautiful countryside.”

Ellen, Thomas, Mary and Sean Connolly

“I love walking around here. Will be so sad if Eastleigh Lib Dems approve its destruction.”

Andy Evans

“Tell Drew Smith and Highwood [the developers of options B and C] the opposition is so extensive that they will have people laying down in front of the bulldozers if they can! Their names will be mud; they already have a bad name.”

Julia Kline

“Just emailing to say I appreciate your efforts to fight against Options B & C, I know it involves a lot of people’s free time. I live in Colden Common and am following your Facebook page and posting items on our CC Residents Group page as there still seems to be a lot of people who just don’t realise the scale of what could happen if this goes ahead.

“I am also a member of A C Delco Archery Club which is based at Highbridge Farm, Allbrook. Our landlord has assured us that the road will not go through our field but we will have to shoot in a different direction if the road is built as it will be very close to the field boundary! Not sure how nice it will be with lots of extra traffic and pollution. The Club has about 200 members and is a wonderful community facility. We have a thriving Junior Section and several disabled archers so it would be a shame if due to the road members left as the experience would be different due to a busy road. I know this is only a tiny thing amongst all the awful potential destruction to the countryside and some people’s homes but it’s one more reason to add to the list!”

Carolyn Humphrey

“Thank you to everyone who spoke and supported [the cause] on Thursday [20 July 2017, the Eastleigh Borough Council meeting to “note progress’ on its emerging Local Plan]. It was indeed an uplifting experience to see just how many of us want to protect what we have. Thank you all.”

Jane Roots