General election, George Hollingbery, Conservative candidate for Meon Valley, writes..

ADD UPDATE, 18 May 2017: Ahead of the general election on 8 June, ADD has invited each candidate for each constituency that will be impacted by options B and C of Eastleigh Borough Council (EBC)’s Local Plan (namely its plans for 6,000+ houses and a major new road north of Allbrook, Bishopstoke and Fair Oak) to supply us with up to 100 words on their views on options B and C and 100 words on their intended actions relating to options B and C. (NB: we increased this to a total of 350 words on 19 May).

Earlier today, George Hollingbery, Conservative candidate for Meon Valley, sent us the following email:

“My views on options B and C are well-known. Put simply, I think they represent a terrible outcome for the people of Eastleigh, Winchester and the Meon Valley.

“To effectively concrete over the last green space in the Bishopstoke area would be a bad idea on its own, but to do so without even considering the impact on local services and infrastructure is close to negligent by Eastleigh Borough Council.

“Over the last couple of years, I have worked closely with Action Against Destructive Development and my colleagues in neighbouring constituencies to highlight our concerns to Keith House [leader of Eastleigh Borough Council] and to urge him to think again. I will continue to do so if I am re-elected in June. This is about challenging the plan at every stage and ensuring the best deal for local people and this approach has widespread support.

“Of course, it’s really not too late. Cllr House and his fellow Liberal Democrats could change course and properly engage with residents and other stakeholders to come up with a local plan which works for all the residents of Eastleigh Borough and its neighbours. Instead he seems intent on pushing on regardless.”

George Hollingbery, Conservative candidate for Meon Valley