To all ADD supporters: Please attend Planning Inspector’s Hearing on Friday 22 November at Botleigh Grange Hotel & Spa

ADD UPDATE, 11 October 2019: From 21 November until the end of January the Independent Planning Inspector will be conducting multiple hearings to assess the viability of Eastleigh’s Local Plan.

ADD has been working hard towards this examination and with thanks to your generous support have hired planning, environmental, traffic and legal experts to ensure the case against the current plan is well fought.

In addition to supplying the expert information we need to make sure the Inspector understands the strength of public feeling against this unsustainable and unworkable plan. We want to demonstrate just how much we care!

So on Friday 22 November we are asking for ADD’s Army to turn out in force and show the valid concerns amongst the local community. If you can come for the whole day that would be brilliant. Even if you can only attend for an hour or two your presence matters. Ideally, we would like as many people as possible outside the front of the hotel at 8.30am for a giant ‘team photo’. The hearing starts 9.00am and finishes at 5.30pm. 

We will be releasing more details nearer the time but in the meantime please do share with family and friends. Click here to our Facebook event. 

We at ADD firmly believe the plan is unsustainable and unworkable. The examination process will expose this. Thanks for all your support so far. The last time we turned up in force was on 14 December 2017, when over 800 of us made our voice heard against the council’s shocking plans. By joining together as a community we really can make a difference.

While the evidence will do the talking at the Inspector’s examination, it’s essential that as many of us as possible make our feelings felt – for one last time – on 22 November.

We look forward to seeing everyone there! Once more with feeling.