Daily Mail: Residents at war in Eastleigh over proposed development

Daily Mail, 25 April 2018: This article, about Eastleigh Borough Council (EBC)’s plans for 5,200 houses and a new road north of Bishopstoke and Fair Oak, has been published in the Daily Mail. (Disclaimer: The article does not necessarily represent the views of ADD. Rather, it is published, like others, in order to show the various perspectives that inform the debate.)

The article starts: “Stoke Park Wood in Eastleigh, south Hampshire, is home to hundreds of acres of ancient forest, wildlife and trickling streams. Aside from an occasional dog walker or horse rider, there is hardly anyone around on the muddy bridle path on the edge of the woods. It’s bitterly cold, but with the sun shining it’s hard to imagine a more perfect location for a country walk. But that could all be about to change. The local council wants to build a motorway link road straight through the middle of this beautiful woodland — then put up 5,200 new homes on the surrounding greenfield land.”

In the article, Lib Dem council leader Keith House, pictured, says: “There is no alternative solution closer to the town centre with the right infrastructure.” Those of you who have followed the evidence that ADD has collected will know that this is simply untrue – there is indeed a better more sustainable alternative.

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